15 seconds to fame.

According to Andy warhol, everybody will have 15 minutes of fame. In the consumer app world, every app has 15 seconds to become famous(or even just survive). 15 seconds in which to make your user understand the app. 15 seconds for the user to decide whether to continue exploring your app or press the home button.

As an app publisher, you have about 15 seconds within which your user will have to “get” what your app is all about. If she cannot understand the main purpose of the app within that time frame, you have lost her, possibly for ever! And I have seen it time and time again. I go to someone and say, “hey! check out this neat app” and they look at it and if they get it in 15 seconds, they download it on to their phone. Otherwise, they just ask “what does it do?” and promptly tune out your answer. Game over!

So if you are consumer app builder, you have very little margin for error. For your app to succeed:
1. Let your app do one main thing that everyone (within your target user community) gets immediately.
2. Do not overload your app with functionality.
3. Allow your users to find the rest of the bells and whistles gradually.

Mainly, don’t worry if they don’t use it the way you want them to. If they use it, you have succeeded!

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