Android phones surging ahead!

In the last 3 months, a whopping 56% of all smart phones purchased have been Android phones and that is a telling statistic!

As a person interested in social media analytics and crowd behaviour, I am tickled to see that the wisdom of the crowd is once more bang on target. Somehow, miraculously, the population as a whole knows what makes sense even if the individuals making up the population don’t have all the necessary information to make a well-considered choice.

From the stats below, you can see that the iPhone is not losing any of its market share and the gains for Android have all come at the cost of other devices, including a sizeable chunk from Blackberry. Which is exactly what you would expect from a discerning group of people. While iPhones still give the best experience and come with a elitist aura that even the top end Android phones have not been able to muster, the Android phones are packing great features and their openness (as a platform as well as in terms of their accessibility) is more than compensating the “jobs” effect.

Android Sales

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