Google’s Motorola acquisition – Gateway for Android’s entry into enterprise

Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility has some interesting outcomes on enterprise mobility. While shipments of Android devices around have increased significantly each quarter, its presence in the enterprise is minimal. The reason for this discrepancy is many companies find the manageability and security that Android offers as challenging to handle. To address this, Android licensees such as Motorola Mobility and others have developed relationships with key partners in the mobile device management and security space to offer more enterprise-friendly Android devices. Motorola Mobility’s Ready for Business is the commercial brand for the enterprise features that sit within the Motorola Android Platform (MAP). The enterprise features that make up Ready for Business are extensive and encompass core mobile device management, mobile security, and productivity tools (email, PIM, and Office capability). Motorola Mobility has also partnered with key providers for providing additional plugins like VPN, etc for Motorola devices. Motorola offers several enterprise-ready Android devices including the Droid Pro, Atrix and XPRT.
Motorola has invested lots of time and resources to make its Android devices more enterprise friendly. Thus, one possible outcome of the deal is that Motorola influences Google to develop a more coherent strategy around enterprise mobility – which could be offered to all Android OEMs, in the spirit of not alienating other licensees and given the fact that Samsung, HTC, LG and others have also been building an enterprise story around Android. All in all, this acquisition will strongly position Android for enterprise mobility, the segment which is growing exponentially according to Forrester research.

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